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Support Equipment

Quality Machining Services can provide corrugator support equipment for most Corrugators. We can inspect and repair worn equipment to help extent its usefulness.

Perforators, Drillers, Automatic Cutoff, End Trim, Stand-Alone Blowoff, Coilers

Our Ultra High Speed Perforator (UHSP) stands alone and produces 100 feet per minute of 3” to 6” perforated pipe with .667/.800 pitch.

Rotary driller for muck pipe products

Hydraulic Driller for pipe 8” to 15”

Auto Cutoff  with bell skip technology is for pipe 4’’ to 24’’ in diameter.

End trim will cut liner out of the bell section of 4’’ to 24’’ pipe

Stand-Alone Blow off will handle pipe from 3’’ to 15’’

MOLDS: VC, SVC, TVC, SHVC & T-Slot Style

We offer vacuum formation mold blocks up to 36” with custom profiles

Single & Double Wall Dies

Custom profile single and double wall dies